two.5 not just Dirty Laundry – Part II

So, we didn’t get the residency with Squid & Tabernacle but it’s okay. In fact it’s better than okay, it’s been great. Not only did being shortlisted and subsequently invited to interview with them force us to look at ourselves and our collaboration in a new way but it led to us getting together and developing a whole host of new ideas for our collaboration. We’ve created two new possible projects to work on after Dirty Laundry has been completed and we’ve started a new blog dedicated to discussing the effect that artist space has on their work – more on that in a separate post. We’ve also created a two.5 facebook page and a two.5 twitter account @twopoint_5 . So, all in all it’s been an incredibly productive couple weeks and we’re very pleased to be able to finish Dirty Laundry, set up the Peripatetic Studio blog, and work with Squid & Tabernacle in the future.