The two.5 Valentine, 2014

Be our Valentine 2014

Two years ago today Samantha posted up the photos for the Valentine-themed Dirty Laundry #9, featuring two.5’s favourite model, Alex Dunbar. You may recognise Alex from the awesome undies shots we’ve been using to promote our crowdfunding campaign for On The Same Page, or from our video installation The Peripatetic Studio Broadcast (2012).

Valentine 2012   we love this man   We love Alex Dunbar

Last year – thanks to an Artists International Development grant from the Arts Council joint with the British Council – two.5 celebrated February 14th together with a Valentine Tea Party in Newcastle, where we got to feed cake to and chat with various lovely writers and artists (including several of our contributors to The Peripatetic Studio) and talk through our plans for editing Dirty Laundry and designing a way of displaying it to best advantage.

Valentine 2013  Valentine 2013  Valentine 2013

This year we’re sending out some special Valentine love to everyone who has donated to our campaign for On The Same Page. We’re genuinely touched to receive so much support from family, friends and artistic acquaintances. Big Valentine hugs to Anne LiddonBarbara Henderson, Benay & Shelley Bernstein, Cole Bernstein, Colin & Judy Adams, Dave Smith, David Kimelman, Diana Holmes, Noel & Elaine Hughes, Fiona Champion, Gina Hepburn, Helen Limon, Herman Stegeman, Jamie & Sarah Adams, Jane Mason, Janette Hewitt, Jayelle Stermer, Jessica Martens, Joanne ClementJohn ConwayJosh Turner, Julia Liu, Leanne Radojkovich, Lia Foa, Liz Bostock, Lynn Stermer, Mary Mason, Michael Goldschmidt, Mike Laurie, Mike Schachter, Peter Adams, Rona GindinSarah DohertySarah Salway, Sophie Anton, Victoria Mills, Walter Rodriguez,  our three anonymous donators (we love you guys), and  the One Million Stories project.

We’d also like to say an extra-special thank you to the  contributors who’ll be using the On The Same Page software to publish their own text/image work as an app: The NCLA Readers at the Margins project (which produces illustrated fiction for low literacy adult learners of English),  Justin Hodge (who also happens to be one of the gorgeous models for Dirty Laundry), and the Bespoke(n) Project (to produce a digital version of their limited edition artist’s book).

We’re currently  68% of the way towards our goal. Thank you for being On The Same Page with us in 2014.