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The Peripatetic Studio’s authors are drawn from a wide range of creative disciplines and practices including visual artists, photographers, writers, choreographers, dancers, architects… we even have a chef.

Viccy Adams

Viccy Adams is a writer and creative researcher. She's particularly interested in digital iterations of writing projects, the relationships between writers and their bodies, and creative processes. Viccy is the UK half of the transatlantic cross-platform collaboration two.5.

  • Articles by Viccy:
    Inside another mouth
    Collaborative Tea-Drinking
    Writing on trains

    Judy Adams

    Judy Adams began dance lessons at the age of three at the dance school founded by her mother (& now run by her sister) in Hexham, Northumberland. She passed her RAD Elementary vocational exam before going to University in Edinburgh, where she joined and performed with the Modern Dance Society. Moving to Massachusetts in 1979 meant no local ballet classes so instead she joined a local Dance Fitness class and ended up being trained to take over from the teacher. She continued teaching Dance Fitness when she returned to the UK in 1983, and resumed adult ballet classes alongside completing the ISTD tap syllabus. When she moved back to Edinburgh in 2000 she became a regular at the Dancebase professional classes, joined a Dance theory class, and was asked to teach general fitness with a dance element for 60-80+ yr olds. Through Morag Deyes’ Golden group she has become involved in a number of performances and residencies.

    Articles by Judy:
    The Past Inside the Present

    Jane Alexander

  • Claire Askew

    Claire Askew is a poet whose work has appeared in a variety of publications including The Guardian, PANK, Popshot and The Edinburgh Review. In 2009 she won the William Sharpe Hunter Memorial Scholarship for her work on the University of Edinburgh’s MSc in Creative Writing (Poetry). She is now reading for a PhD in Creative Writing with the University. Her first pamphlet collection, The Mermaid and the Sailors, was published by Red Squirrel Press in 2011 and shortlisted for a 2010 Eric Gregory Award. In 2012 Claire also won a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award. She works as a lecturer in Literature and Communication and a tutor of Creative Writing, and lives in Edinburgh with her extensive collection of manual typewriters.

  • Articles by Claire:
    A room of one’s own

    Gabriella Beckhurst

    Gabriella Beckhurst is a BA Fine Art Student, she lives in a cosy old house overlooking the park in Norwich. Over the summer she hopes to compile a collection of visual snapshots and thoughts on her journeys through England and Europe, exploring new lands and reexploring the familiar. First stop: Berlin, where she was enjoyably overwhelmed by the city’s distinct redefining of space, particularly the intersections between the constructions of the classically historical, domestic and the seemingly futuristic.

    Articles by Gabriella:
    Observatory Pavilion

    Elise Briccolani

    Elise Briccolani was born in Canterbury, Kent. With a background in Anthropology and a curiosity in people, places and all things quirky, she has travelled and lived in numerous countries. She now calls Bristol home. She is Co-founder and Director of an arts and project based collective called Sondryfolk. Previous projects include: A Canterbury Trail – free mini arts festival, May 2011 Smugglers Festival – Sept 2011, An Autumnal Jamboree – Oct 2011. She has also spent many years training as a physical performer, specialising in Juggling and spent the summer of 2011 touring Italy and Sicily aboard a tall ship with the internationally acclaimed Caravan Stage Company.

  • Articles by Elise:
    Anthropological Art, Oral Histories

    Linn Broden

    Linn Broden is a slack-rope artist and a dance acrobat. She was born in a small town in Sweden where the only circus she saw was the traditional circus that came to town once a year; she always wanted to run away with them. She has consistently had a strong need to move and explore what her body can do, so from a young age she did a lot of gymnastics. But it wasn’t enough for her – she wanted to perform! So at the age of 20 she took a one year theatre course, directly after that she did 2 years at Circus School in in Copenhagen, then 3 years at the University of Dance & Circus in Stockholm. Now she is doing all kinds of projects and shows in the style of “Contemporary” circus- everything from bigger ensemble shows to small solo performance.

    Articles by Linn:
    Performing in The House of Curious Engagements

    Tag Brum

    Tag Brum is a Brooklyn resident, Brazilian citizen and has been published by Buzzfeed twice. Once anonymously. Interviewed by The Village Voice and several scam companies through Craigslist. He never won an award, but have written "first" several times at different comment sections around the globe.

    Laura Davidson

    Laura­ Davidson is a London based writer who focuses on the relationship between art practice and technology. She has just completed a 3 month Editorial Fellowship for New York based organisation Rhizome. During August, she edited a blog titled getDialogue as part of Hack the Barbican and has based her contribution to The Peripatetic Studio on this experience. She has also written for this is tomorrow, a-n Interface, Arts Admin and COPY, and edits the Tumblr WeAreKeepingAnEyeOn.

  • Articles by Laura:
    Tethered to the Barbican

    Hayley Downs

    Hayley Downs is a filmmaker, editor, writer, watercolor painter (sometimes) and general non-profit/do-gooder type. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her below mentioned spouse and hairless cat, Herman.

    Articles by Hayley:
    The Space Between Square Feet : a Husband and Wife Almost Divorce Over Studio Space

    Eowyn Driscoll

    Eowyn Driscoll is an emerging opera singer living in the NYC area specializing in German Romantic Opera and has an interest in 20th century art song and cabaret style performance. She blogs semi-regularly at

  • Articles by Eowyn:
    The Metropolitan Opera, and Me

    Samuel Ferguson

    Samuel Ferguson is a sous chef at Barbara Lynch’s The Butcher Shop in Boston, MA. He’s worked at several restaurants around New England and has been at The Butcher Shop since late 2009. As a sous chef at the restaurant, he often works the line during dinner service, manages inventory, and helps with butchering proteins for the retail case, but his core passions lie with charcuterie and sausage creation. The 35 seat restaurant is inspired by French and Italian techniques and focuses on charcuterie, sausage, and dry age steaks. The Butcher Shop also boasts a butcher and full retail program, centered around a large butcher block at the back of the restaurant. The team takes great pride in a monthly CSA program that helps highlight pork, beef, lamb, and poultry from a variety of farms around New England.

    Articles by Samuel:

    Linda France

    Linda France was born in Newcastle upon Tyne. After some time living away, she moved back to the North East in 1981. She is currently based close to Hadrian’s Wall, near Hexham, in Northumberland. Her poetry collections include The Simultaneous Dress (Bloodaxe 2002) and The Toast of the Kit Cat Club (Bloodaxe 2005), a biography in verse of the 18th century traveller and writer Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Her two latest books are book of days, a year renga, with ceramic fragments by Sue Dunne (Smokestack Books 2009) and You are Her (Arc Publications 2010). Linda also edited the acclaimed anthology Sixty Women Poets(Bloodaxe 1993). She has worked on a number of collaborations with visual artists and musicians and around 40 Public Art projects. Linda was Leverhulme Artist in Residence at Moorbank Botanic Garden, University of Newcastle in 2010/11.

  • Articles by Linda:
    Stone Meadow Notebook

    Sherezade García Rangel

    Sherezade García Rangel is a Venezuelan writer and a PhD in Creative Writing candidate at The University of Glasgow. She is a Hunterian Associate, and part of the Writers @The Hunterian project, which looks at unseen objects and untold stories of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery as a source of inspiration for writing. She explored what it means to be a Latin American writer in an English Creative Writing programme in her article "The battle of the mirror holders". She performed The summer of the commander for Trashed Organ on August, 2011. She has been guest editor of Friction Magazine and editor of Alliterati Magazine, founding its online edition. Interested in the creative process, she has worked as art-assistant in the MFA Summer Shows in Newcastle. Her pieces "On Hope" and "Manuel" have been published in Alliterati Magazine. Her short story "Loyal Flying Pigeons" was published in From Glasgow to Saturn.

    Articles by Sherezade:
    Four shelves and a half

    Catherine Gerrard

    Catherine Gerrard is a puppeteer and storyteller. As a storyteller she performs with Pandvani 108, an experimental group inspired by a central Indian epic-singing tradition which produces vivid, highly engaging, adrenaline filled performances of short sections of myth and epic, combining stories, rhythm and stick-wielding. She is founder and Artistic Director of TailSpin, an ensemble of storytellers and musicians who work to promote experimental storytelling through a monthly Night of the Storyteller and a twice-yearly mini-festival of experimental telling – The Story Bazaar – at The Miller, London Bridge. As a puppeteer she has been exploring the combination of storytelling and shadow puppetry (“Boyhood Deeds of Cuchulainn”, The Yard; “100 Fathoms”, Festival of Fairytales for Grown Ups at The Bargehouse, in association with The Crick Crack Club). Cat is one of two puppeteers in Theatre Témoin’s “The Fantasist”.

  • Articles by Catherine:
    Cat is a puppet..

    Sue Hawksley

    Sue Hawksley is an independent dance artist, bodywork therapist and artistic director of articulate animal. This interdisciplinary performance company undertakes often collaborative projects focused upon movement, identity and territory which have been presented internationally. She has previously performed with Rambert Dance Company, Mantis, Scottish Ballet and Philippe Genty among others, as well as on many freelance projects as performer, choreographer or educator. Sue holds a practice-led PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art (2012). This research examined concepts of embodiment through choreographic and somatic practices, philosophy, and mediation. She is Senior Lecturer in Dance (Performance and Choreography) at the University of Bedfordshire.

  • Articles by Sue:
    Traces of Places

    Gina Hepburn

    Gina Hepburn is a writer of historical fiction for children, young adults and adults. She lives with her husband (a designer) and their energetic Spaniel. She is currently working on a novel for adults, set in the volatile early 17th century.

  • Articles by Gina:
    A Nook of One’s Own

    Helen Limon

    Helen Limon is a graduate of Newcastle University’s PhD program in creative writing. She has published a number of picture books under the independent imprint, Zed Said, including My Mother is a Troll which won 3×3 Illustration Magazine’s Silver Medal in 2008. Her first novel for children, Om Shanti, Babe, won the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Award in 2011 and is published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books (September 2012). She is currently working on a sequel (actually, she has planned a return visit to India which she pretends is a good step towards a first draft…)

    Articles by Helen:
    A disconcertingly reassuring sense of discomfort

    Nathalie Limon

    Nathalie Limon is a Coat Maker, living and working in the depths of London’s Industrial East End. Under her company Gold Coat she works with female clients to produce uniquely tailored pieces. Made – to- measure, made-to-order, artisanal coats and garments for women. The process is personal, flexible and has been said to give the women that she works with ‘a breath of fresh air to those who have gotten used to desultory high street shopping’. As a practitioner, Nathalie often finds that her personal interests – art, sculpture, dance and theatre; as well as set design and costume - lead her to transfer her skills into personal projects in these areas. The life of a solitary tailoress can be lonely and though Gold Coat is her main occupation, Nathalie believes in following interesting projects and seeing where they take her.

  • Articles by Nathalie:
    Welcome to the Wick

    Alex Lockwood

    Alex Lockwood is originally from London and is working on his first novel as part of the Creative Writing PhD at Newcastle. He set up and edits Friction Magazine, and helps support the Writers’ Cafe. He won the 2011 Leaf Magazine Microfiction competition with his story ‘Pod’. A former international development journalist, he teaches journalism and media practice at the University of Sunderland and has published academic work on environmental issues, media, place, identity and affect. He is interested in exploring the relationship between movement and writing–particularly walking and running and the experiences of creativity that emerge while moving in these physical acts, and their relationships to words.

    Articles by Alex:

    Kirsty Logan

    Kirsty Logan writes about fairytales, islands and sex (and sometimes all three). She lives in Glasgow, where she is a fiction writer, performer, journalist, literary magazine editor, teacher, book reviewer, arts administrator, and general layabout. She regularly performs her stories at events and festivals around Scotland; recent performances further afield include London, Copenhagen, Nairn and Bristol, with an upcoming reading in Brussels. Her work has appeared in many places, from the prestigious (BBC Radio 4) to the preposterous (her mum’s fridge). Her novel and short story collection are currently in progress.

  • Articles by Kirsty:
    From the Circus to the Sea

    Guy Manowski

    Guy Mankowski is a writer living in Newcastle, UK. He studied Psychology at Durham and Newcastle University. He then spent a few years in a ‘Dickensian pop’ band called Alba Nova who released an EP. His first novel The Intimates was published in 2011. Later that year he was awarded an Arts Council Grant to research his second novel Letters from Yelena in St Petersburg, Russia. The novel is about a Ukrainian ballerina struggling to overcome a dark past and it is published as an e-book on 1st September and in paperback on 1st October.

    Articles by Guy:
    Letters from Yelena

    Jane Orange

    Leanne Radojkovich

    Leanne Radojkovich’s stories have been published in literary journals in NZ, UK and USA, and shortlisted for prizes in NZ and Ireland. She’s now writing flash fiction stories, which she says should be nimble as deer; yet compressed, ending long after they’ve been read.

  • Articles by Leanne:
    The Roving Eye

    Tom Richmond

    Tom Richmond is a theatrical lighting designer and technician. Having graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2004, he has traveled far and wide bringing high quality theatre and performance to the masses. He toured for three solid years with the Caravan Stage Company, has spent two years in full time employment as electrician at the Bristol Old Vic, and has also worked for such companies as Gonzo Moose, Pickled Image, Taurusvoice, Theatre Damfino and Circomedia. In 2012 Tom designed and built The House of Curious Engagements, and he is also in the middle of producing “Push Me, Pull You!” a theatre based circus show exploring the relationship between a performer and a technician, with his partner Linn Brodén, who also performs in The House.

    Articles by Tom:
    Building The House

    Holly Rumble

    Holly Rumble is an artist working with sound and public intervention. Her work aims to engage the audience in playful group activities to encourage experimentation within specific locations. She has performed at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, ANTI Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio, Finland), SPILL National Platform (National Theatre Studios, UK), FIRSTS (Royal Opera House 2, UK) and PULSE Fringe Festival (Ipswich, UK). She is currently supported by Arts Council England and ESCALATOR Performing Arts.

  • Articles by Holly:
    One Minute Birdwatching

    Sarah Salway

    Helen Sedgwick

    Helen Sedgwick is a freelance writer and literary editor based in Glasgow. She won a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award in 2012 for her science-themed short story collection in progress, Statistically Speaking. Her short fiction and non-fiction can be read in Litro, Pank, and Nature, among others, and she was shortlisted in the Spilling Ink fiction prize and the Imagining Scotland national short story competition in 2011. She is the co-founding editor of Fractured West and reviews editor of Gutter.

  • Articles by Helen:

    Cindy Shearer

    Cindy Shearer is a professor and former department chair for the MFA programs at CIIS in San Francisco, CA. She is a writer, text/image artist and curator. This fall she developed Landscape of Memories, an exhibit of multiple media and memory boxes for the Village Art Gallery, Danville, CA.  She is also developing Art of Home, an inquiry and art-based travel workshop, scheduled for London in spring 2015.

    Articles by Cindy:
    London 1978

    Samantha Silver

    Samantha Silver is a photographer/filmmaker whose work explores both narrative and documentary form, often blurring the boundaries between creation and observation. A member of the Cinematographer’s Guild, Samantha works as a Camera Assistant by day and collaborative new media artist by night. Currently her favorite projects include photography for two.5‘s Dirty Laundry and installation art for the Golden Apple Project.

  • Articles by Samantha:
    A Pop Quiz for two.5
    The geography of a film

    Alice Vandeleur-Boorer

    Alice Vandeleur-Boorer was born in Barnstaple in 1988 and was raised in Braunton. After completing her Foundation Diploma in Art and design at Pertroc in 2006, she went on to gain an Honors Degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University graduating in 2010. She is currently based in Bristol and working on exhibitions and projects located in the city. Working with landscape as a point of departure, she has been exploring its environment, site, and identity. In attempt to re-evaluate the established visions of landscape, she has been creating models of places and staging performances. Currently her practice has been focusing on the relationship between body and place.

    Articles by Alice:
    Existential Conifer Experience

    Gavin Watson

    Gavin Watson is an English figurative painter who lives and works in rural Northumberland. In October 2010 he was awarded a residency at Soaring Gardens in Pennsylvania. His paintings have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and at Cricket Hill Gallery in New York. His work is in private collections in North America, France and England. His current work, ‘Flock, Stock and two Legged Mammals’, explores the Northumbrian aesthetic and the complex relationships forged between animals and humans.

  • Articles by Gavin:
    Ducks of Destiny

    Emma Zakarevicus

    Emma Zakarevicus, better known as EmZ, is an international woman of mystery. Born in the lush tropical heat of Northern Australia her youth was spent frolicking in the untamed wilderness underneath the warm glow of the sun. EmZ draws her influences from the landscape she grew up in and from the rich life experiences she has collected on her travels across continents. She moved to New York City in 2003 to pursue her varied talents in the fine arts, and in 2007 joined the psychedelic rock and roll band Crazy Mary. Always a jazz child, her new solo venture EZ Does it couples her sultry heartfelt lyrics with the eloquent piano arrangements of friend and collaborator Stephen Down (aka Sir Stephen).

  • Articles by Emma:
    Do you feel safe in your room?