The Peripatetic Studio Broadcast- Viccy’s thoughts


So, Dirty Laundry got pushed to one side over the last month because Samantha and I were selected from an opencall for artworks to produce a real-world version of our participatory artists blog, The Peripatetic Studio. The Peripatetic Studio Broadcast is a TV installation currently touring the South East of the UK in a portable outdoor public art gallery called The House of Curious Engagements. Getting it ready in time was a scramble against the clock, and Samantha and I ended up emotionally frazzled and both feeling somewhat lonely within that- a sad side-effect of working in different continents when the collaboration moves outside of a digital environment. However, the resulting piece is (IMHO) a fabulously playful take on 1980s-style local news broadcasts. As part of the piece, the artists involved have written posts about the space they were working in and the effect of that space on their creative work, which are going up on The Peripatetic Studio over the next couple of weeks. And that series kicks off with a post from me about moving from virtual-world to real-world exhibiting.