Viccy… I don’t want this to come off as a criticism… I feel like your last story was much more fragment than story and I’m curious how intentional that was. Reading it it felt like you had developed a little microcosmic world but only gave us the briefest glimpse I really didn’t know where things were coming from or going to. I would say that #1 felt like a fully formed story, #2 felt like a chapter out of a bigger story, and #3 felt like a paragraph out of a chapter out of a bigger story.

My question to you is – how intentional was this? From the process side how do you feel the process is affecting the product? Are you feeling constrained by an expectation to use the elements of the photos directly. Do you have an ideal of what you’d like to create as a product and how can the process help you with that. Recently we talked about the addition of an edit/corrections time at the end of the the project but I’m almost having second thoughts about that. Not that I don’t think we should but I don’t want it to affect the product too much on the front end. It also opens up certain questions about balance on the creative front end for the two of us- do we strive to share our limitations or do we accept the differences inherent in our respective contributions and embrace them? For example: I will never be able to go back and take a new picture to add to a series- each series involves the convergence of a lot of factors that would be very difficult to recreate. I could make an insert- something close up that seems to fit but was created later- or I could change the series slightly but choosing a different photo for one of the 3, or I could make changes to the actual photo to change the effect. Ultimately the point is that I have less scope to change things later than you, and should this be a consideration for you when you write? Do we need to embrace the difference or alter the structure of the collaboration to balance our handicaps?