Questions for Samantha

So, Samantha, I have some questions for you.

1) I mainly look at the triptych on my iPhone as I’m on the go, but then when I’m at a ‘real’ computer I get to see them in their larger version. Plus I tend to download the set and use them as a screensaver to keep them at the forefront of my mind. However, the little photo used as the ‘capture’ piece on the main DL index page I only ever get to see in the tiny version… what relationship do you see it playing to the set of three?

2) You mainly answered this question in your last post, but I’ll include it anyway in case you want to expand on it. How do you feel about only getting to select 3 (4) photos from a shoot? What makes you select the final ones? Are there any you wish were included?

3) How representative are the final triptych so far of the overall atmosphere of the shoot?

4) I use the photographs and their relationships with each other as creative provocations to find starting points for the piece of writing. Where do you find your starting points? The shoots are very prop-based, how does that play into choosing the shots to take?

Since I’ve been away, then S has been away, we haven’t talked as much recently as we normally would. However, we did have a chat just before hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene hit, when I was having breakfast in bed in Newcastle and starting one day, and S had just evacuated her apartment post-work at the tail-end of the day before in NYC. We talked about DL, and plans for future projects, and started tossing some ideas around. Current plan with DL is to do another few shoot/write responses and then talk again about whether or not we re-edit the series as a whole, and what life it might have outside of the Cargo Collective site. Updates to follow…