Dirty Laundry #8: Photo Process

It’s been a wee while since I shot this and arranged it so I’m not as fresh as usual but I’ll do my best.

On this particular day I was- as usual- rushing around deprived of sleep and possibly hungover. In fact I’m pretty sure I was hungover. Mike is a long time friend of mine so it was pure pleasure to go shoot him. He’s an actor and very amenable. Of his own accord he grabbed the spatula and stuck the slipper under his head as a pillow.

When I was concepting the piece I knew I wanted to shoot early in the morning so that there were hard shadows. I had the scene from The Jerk in my mind- where Steve Martin leaves Bernadette Peters and is walking out in the bathrobe with the chair and the lamp and the random objects. Only I imagined here Mike’s character had been locked out or maybe just passed out outside. Something has gone awry anyway. The lamp is perhaps overkill. Looking at picture #3 I wish I had taken it out. I had doubts at the time but I my mind wasn’t entirely made up about the relationships between the objects so I erred on the side of including it which I now regret. None the less it seems to blend into the background due to the color. I’ll be curious to see if/how Viccy references it.

When I was first putting the three pictures together I struggled a bunch to figure out how to arrange them and what to include. I felt like maybe I was lacking in material or the clothes pins were too abstract but I let the whole thing sit for a bit while Viccy completed the story for #7 and when I went back to it I was pretty happy. I changed the order- the now #1 photo was #3 which seemed to read weirdly but once I moved it to the top it seemed to set the scene.