It’s really hard not to talk to Viccy about the projects. I feel like a 7 year old with ants in my pants- will she like them? Will she be inspired? Will she read my thoughts or see something totally different? While we are both working at creating a narrative our backgrounds are so different that I think we break down the elements of that narrative quite differently.

The payoff however is amazing. All the self imposed patience is completely rewarded by reading the stories and the blog posts. the stories are totally Viccy and I’m amazed by how rich her ideas are. It’s thrilling to see a seed I’ve planted in the pictures expand in the text. Through her gaze I suddenly see my pictures differently and become more aware of where my efforts met my constraints. My control of the image is limited by certain factors and when I’m working it’s a constant compromise- can I get far enough away to get a wide shot? Can I push the model so far? Is it too late to add/remove an object. While shooting #2 I realized that J was wearing his watch as I was taking the first pictures. My immediate thought was that it should be removed because it ran counter to the aesthetic but I was just getting into gear shooting and I thought it was small and perhaps a little amusing. So much of that shoot was carefully planned and arranged but the watch wasn’t so I was really surprised and pleased to find it noted in the story in such a significant way.

As for the blog posts, reading about Viccy’s process is really exciting and useful. The fact that we are both committed to analyzing the process means that when we blog it’s not about anticipating what the other wants to hear (a terrible female habit) but really considering collaboration from all sides. Now that we’ve gotten in the swing of it, it feels completely essential to the project.

I can see some interesting changes from the first story to the next and I can feel myself settling into the project and perhaps a pattern. I plan to do two or three more projects in this manner before I discuss any major changes to the format or style with Viccy.

All in all, I’m happy and excited to post the next set.