Kicking things off

Hi Sam! I’ve just come off the phone with you, so I thought I’d write an initial blog post in the form of a letter. It’s still raining, but I’ve finished my lunch now so things are looking up.

Having received the first triptych of photographs for Dirty Laundry from you this morning, I’m already buzzing with ideas but figured it made sense we get the admin of the sites out the way… so you’re off fixing your camera filter and setting up our Project site on the Cargo Collective, and I’m setting this up to be a front-space for two.5. So far so good.

For people not Sam who happen to be reading this- hello! You’re very welcome. This blog is going to serve as a process-diary for Sam and my first public collaboration under the auspices of two.5. The intention is to create a space for us to lay out and dissect our processes- both technical and emotional- so that we can shape future projects to fit our needs and our interests.

two.5 (Sam- are we going to capitalise ‘two’ or not?) was founded between Brooklyn and Newcastle-upon Tyne in 2011. Sam and I have known each other for about a decade now and over the last few years we’ve begun talking about wanting to work on something more formal together. Since we’re currently living on different continents, a web-based project seemed the most cost-effective form of collaboration as neither of us had the financial resources to fly across the pond on a bi-monthly basis. We started talking seriously about our first project – Dirty Laundry – during an all too rare visit in April, finesse’d finer details over phone and email, and then today marks the getting down to brass tacks of the whole thing.

Dirty Laundry is very much an experimental place in which we’ll be trialling our concepts of what makes a successful collaboration. During the April visit we piloted the concept of the shared diary- walking round Manhattan and detailing our experiences in a shared notebook- and that brought into light a mutual interest in the more technical, hidden side of each others creative processes. Hence the two.5 blog, which will allow us to chart the background to our reactions as well as the creative outcomes.

where it all began