So some of my fears have been confirmed about photo series #2 – my mom said “they’re really freaky Samantha. We’re a little worried about where you’re head is at”. At which point I elaborated on my concerns about the freakiness of the photos totally eclipsing the design elements to which she replied “yes, you’re right… I’ll have to go back and look at the pictures again.” She also said “I fell bad for Viccy”… and “I hope she manages to come up with something that isn’t totally macabre.”

Another interesting point- people seem to be assuming that the story comes first and the picture after. I think that we must have picture as illustration very deeply ingrained in our understanding of how words and images relate. Even people to whom I’ve explained the concept behind the collaboration and the “rules” there still seems to be a lot of confusion about how/when the words and pictures come together.

In general we’re getting good feedback- though if someone is reading this and wants to give me a critical analysis of the photographs please do!

Lastly, I’m totally addicted to bitly metrics summary. It allows me to see how many people have used the bitly link to access the Dirty Laundry page. I can’t stop checking it. I have it set to give me stats for the last 24 hours, and 20 minutes don’t go by without me refreshing it to see what’s changed. In fact, twice today I’ve sent off group emails with the link just so that I can watch the numbers crawl upwards. I’m seriously neglecting the boring editing I’m meant to finish.

Here are the stats for the last 24 hours:

Country Clicks

  • United States ( US ) 17
  • United Kingdom ( GB ) 16
  • Poland ( PL ) 2
  • India ( IN ) 1
I’m pretty sure I can guess the India clicker, but who’s in Poland?!