Campaign update & perk featurette: BRA

It’s the final 10 days of our campaign for On The Same Page, and we’re 82%  funded. If you’ve been thinking about donating but haven’t found the time yet, PLEASE HELP US reach our goal by making your donation now.

 Visit our Indiegogo page to see our pitch video & browse the full list of perks.


£20 / $32

With this Bra, you’re giving us great support!

To show our appreciation for your BRA donation, we’ll send you an exclusive audio version of one of the stories from the Dirty Laundry series,  recorded by sound engineer Danielle Warman at Chiller Sound, read by professional voice actors Michael Kendrick & Lisette Silva and introduced by a personalised dedication from Viccy & Samantha.


Access to our secret Dirty Laundry Basket, where you can view previously unreleased images from the Dirty Laundry series, read the first drafts of the stories, and watch a video of Samantha & Viccy discussing the creation on Dirty Laundry.

Invitation to be a beta-tester for the Dirty Laundry app before it is released to the general public.

Public thanking on the two.5 Facebook page and Twitter.