Nathalie Limon

Nathalie Limon is a Coat Maker, living and working in the depths of London’s Industrial East End. Under her company Gold Coat she works with female clients to produce uniquely tailored pieces. Made – to- measure, made-to-order, artisanal coats and garments for women. The process is personal, flexible and has been said to give the women that she works with ‘a breath of fresh air to those who have gotten used to desultory high street shopping’. As a practitioner, Nathalie often finds that her personal interests – art, sculpture, dance and theatre; as well as set design and costume - lead her to transfer her skills into personal projects in these areas. The life of a solitary tailoress can be lonely and though Gold Coat is her main occupation, Nathalie believes in following interesting projects and seeing where they take her.

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