Judy Adams

Judy Adams began dance lessons at the age of three at the dance school founded by her mother (& now run by her sister) in Hexham, Northumberland. She passed her RAD Elementary vocational exam before going to University in Edinburgh, where she joined and performed with the Modern Dance Society. Moving to Massachusetts in 1979 meant no local ballet classes so instead she joined a local Dance Fitness class and ended up being trained to take over from the teacher. She continued teaching Dance Fitness when she returned to the UK in 1983, and resumed adult ballet classes alongside completing the ISTD tap syllabus. When she moved back to Edinburgh in 2000 she became a regular at the Dancebase professional classes, joined a Dance theory class, and was asked to teach general fitness with a dance element for 60-80+ yr olds. Through Morag Deyes’ Golden group she has become involved in a number of performances and residencies.

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