Catherine Gerrard

Catherine Gerrard is a puppeteer and storyteller. As a storyteller she performs with Pandvani 108, an experimental group inspired by a central Indian epic-singing tradition which produces vivid, highly engaging, adrenaline filled performances of short sections of myth and epic, combining stories, rhythm and stick-wielding. She is founder and Artistic Director of TailSpin, an ensemble of storytellers and musicians who work to promote experimental storytelling through a monthly Night of the Storyteller and a twice-yearly mini-festival of experimental telling – The Story Bazaar – at The Miller, London Bridge. As a puppeteer she has been exploring the combination of storytelling and shadow puppetry (“Boyhood Deeds of Cuchulainn”, The Yard; “100 Fathoms”, Festival of Fairytales for Grown Ups at The Bargehouse, in association with The Crick Crack Club). Cat is one of two puppeteers in Theatre Témoin’s “The Fantasist”.

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